Thought Bubble

by Stinky Tofu 臭臭豆腐

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This album is a labor of love from Subconscious and Serious Stank Fu that is meant to both entertain and enlighten. It was self-recorded as live performances and produced in the spirit of capturing the unknown and we hope you'll enjoy our funk. The compositions are written around Stinky Tofu's ability to perform the pieces live using loop and effect pedals as well as virtual instruments. What you hear on the album is what you get in real time outside of a few environmental effects and sound enhancements Serious Stank Fu added in post production. If you enjoy what you hear please share this super stank with your friends and contribute to the project however you can.


released October 3, 2015

All songs written by STINKY TOFU
Vocals & Guitar - SUBCONSCIOUS
All other sounds - SERIOUS STANK FU
Recorded by STINKY TOFU
Mixed & Mastered - SERIOUS STANK FU
Album art by Sam Spires
Graphic art by Brenna Behaus and Travis McDonald
Photos by Chin Fang Lin


all rights reserved



Stinky Tofu 臭臭豆腐 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Wandering through this fermented, ectoplasmic world the stank duo found each other and began seasoning thoughts and sounds until out came the acoustic child named, Stinky Tofu. Henceforth this force continues to spice our metasphere with hypnotic thoughts never before consummated by rational minds. ... more

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Track Name: Moroccan Myths
Strange scents undetected.
Better hope that you're not resurrected.
'Cause this perspective is shifting
Faster than you can dream.

Strange sense undetected.
Better hope that you're not resurrected.
'Cause this perspective is shifting
Faster than you can dream. x3

Get to the core of the scene.

Welcome to the morning market built on fables.
Look at all the oddities spread out on the tables.
'Cause the dawn is breakin' and I'm just achin'
To figure out all these widgets I'm takin' in.

Pick up an urn, so cold that it burns,
In the dusty rays of the morning sun, you learn.
Hurled backwards in time
In your mind to a time
when mastodons were in their prime.
Snow swirls, ice age, step back, mistake.
Saber-tooth tooth-ache.

Wildly flying snow in a flurry,
Cold closes in, you begin to worry
You won't make it through today,
But the shopkeep comes and takes it all away....

Wander through the labyrinth
Feelin' like there's absynth
coursing through your blood
'Cause your mind is absent

Think you're on the brink, at the edge of escape.
But you blink, and the streetscape suddenly reshapes!

Wander past the locked boxes, contents unknown
Jars of swirling mixtures and suspended bones
Golden hookahs, swirling rugs, a lamp that shone.
Sign says that right there is a cursed throne.

Scarabs scuttle, then wail on the trombone.
Reality shutters, won't someone take me back home?!
Track Name: 57 Degrees
“Man, it’s hot in here. Turn on that air conditioner, please! Thank you.”

With the seasonal frequencies reading 57 degrees and rising
To meet the challenges facing our people
In the coming epoch of restructured systems that listen
Wordlessly in silent steady collection
Making connections between the railroad ties of time and mind.

Shake-it, shake-it. Makin', makin' connections!
Makin', makin' connections!
between the railroad ties of time and mind.
Controversial at the time,
But proven by the test of time to last
Built to fast. Sun-gazing at the last glazed doughnut
On a silver platter, in your mouth, of stifled chatter.
Won out over all the vast myriad possibilities
Vast myriad possibilities :||

I said, The stifled chatter won out over all the
Vast myriad possibilities clattering to the floors
At fates doors. With tremendous unparallelled force.
Seeking nothing more than the soft flesh
Of the forbidden fruit of the golden four!
The Golden four! :||

With the season frequencies reading 57 degrees and rising ~:||

With the season frequencies reading 57 degrees and rising
To meet the challenges facing our people
In this new restructured system, I listen
Wordlessly in silent steady contemplation
I know that the fate of humanity is resting on my shoulders
I'll make a new nation, make the world move over.
Alas, Like Atlas, I got an itch. Gotta ditch it.
Maybe switch it for another planet with less shit.
Solo guitar
With the season frequencies reading 57 degrees and rising ~:||
Track Name: Furious Curiosity
Furious curiosity coming over the brink
And I see further than the convergence
Of perspective shift, Control-Z
Super-deluxe, re-up, and renew
Hit up, down, left, right, B, A, start
Combo moves that killa fasta
attacka your heart
attacka your heart

Attack and decaaaay
Wasting away, wasted water, gotta pay.
Gotta find a new way.
Relay! Fast forward.
Zip, zoom, straight to the moon,
Welcome home again, against all intuition.
Synced up with the merciful embrace
Speedin' up along the sidelines x4

And I'mma show you how to break through to the other side,
Just give me one moment in the sunshine...
Let me show you that you are mine...
Hey, I might just get there on time...
I'mma try to make up my…my mind x3

Finally someone let me out of my cage,
And I've been here for days
But now I'm startin' to age
A little faster
Turnin' the pages on a calendar
In a rage, I can't keep up with ya
You see, my dream, it seems,
Is comin' apart
I'm lookin' deep into my heart
But I don't know where to start!
Why are you wastin' away, a-decay
Everything that you say
Is makin' me feel
A little bit more like
I'm comin' towards the door,
And I just want to get out,
But I can't put my feet on the floor!
And I'm running faster every day,
But I'm getting closer back to where I started.
If you want, I could come over,
But only if you've got that four-leaf clover.
My loooooove!
'Cause I know you've had enough!
So I'm gonna break it down :||
Just to show you :||

Fixin' to break on through to the other side x4
In due time
Due to the dutiful, with wicked force
undulating in
uncertainty principles shaken
But left unscathed
At the golden dawn of a beautiful day :||
Track Name: Plant a Seed
Just stick out your thumb
Just to see who might come
This is the dawn
Galactic civilization
On the horizon
We are rising
To meet the coming tide and
People better stay on your toes.

Pick up a mushroom
There is much room
In your head, reveal the whole tune
And don't think of it
Just feel that light instead.

They are transdimensional entities!
Yet they came disguised
as just mere seeds x4

So plant your garden, let it growww
It cultivates you back, you know.
For now is the time to sow.

A journey deep into the unknown
Traveling distances unheard of!
A journey deep into the unknown.
Don't even have to leave your home.

There are truths to find
Way deep inside
A pattern's hiding
While we're makin'
Makin' makin' makin'
Makin' lovvve
To the whole Cosmooooos

Commune with the faces in the floor.
When you close your eyes
You see so much mooooore
There is more to this than we can see,
It's older than eternity,
But you've got to plant it deep
if you want to see.

A journey deep into the unknown :||
Track Name: Lost in Trance
When you hit the dance floor late at night,
When you start to feelin' like it's all right,
And everybody's dancin' outta sight,
Looks like good times goin' down tonight!

When you let your mind float on downstream,
When you're body's lettin' out extra steam,
And you feel like this must be a dream,
Looks like you've got the crop of the cream!

You're lost in trance.
Yeah, lost in trance.
You're lost in trance.
Kick it, hands up, head back, let's dance!

Where are you
When I need you
On the dance floor!
Where I want to explore your moves!


That's right!
I feel alive tonight.
I've got no sense of time.
All I've got is you and peace of mind!

I wanna spin you around the room,
I wanna watch you twirl, wanna make you groove.
Wanna see you shake it, take that beat
and break it in two.


Girl, lookin' at me across the dance floor,
Girl, I know you want some more,
So I do implore you to come explore a few dance moves
'Cause I wanna show you wanna see how you

Go with it, wanna roll with it,
Wanna dance up on your body and flow with it
Want you to twist around me
'Cause I can't get enough of your heady stuff!

When the band starts playin'
And your head starts movin',
And your body starts swayin'
And you get to groovin'
I know you gonna lose control,
Before you know it your soul is out of your body

Yeah, you're losin' control,
You go with the flow,
You just got to know,
How low you can go,
Lookin' at you as you start to move,
Everybody better make some room on the dance floor!

Better get up, bam! Zoom! Straight to the moon,
'Cause you're lookin' at me like you know what I wanna do.
Gonna come up to you, gonna twirl you around,
See you get down,

Baby! Get down yeah! Get down yeah! X2
That's what it is!
Track Name: See What's Real
I said, Stop wanting stuff,
It keeps you from seeing what’s real.
When you want stuff,
All you see are things.

I said, The Dao that can be named,
That ain’t the real thing.
Anything that can be named
Is just another thing.

I said, the true leader,
She knows her place is behind the scenes.
In the end people say,
We did this on our own.

I said, the world is a sacred place.
Don’t fuck with it.
When you try to save the world
You only mess up yourself.

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