Lost in Trance

from by Stinky Tofu 臭臭豆腐

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When you hit the dance floor late at night,
When you start to feelin' like it's all right,
And everybody's dancin' outta sight,
Looks like good times goin' down tonight!

When you let your mind float on downstream,
When you're body's lettin' out extra steam,
And you feel like this must be a dream,
Looks like you've got the crop of the cream!

You're lost in trance.
Yeah, lost in trance.
You're lost in trance.
Kick it, hands up, head back, let's dance!

Where are you
When I need you
On the dance floor!
Where I want to explore your moves!


That's right!
I feel alive tonight.
I've got no sense of time.
All I've got is you and peace of mind!

I wanna spin you around the room,
I wanna watch you twirl, wanna make you groove.
Wanna see you shake it, take that beat
and break it in two.


Girl, lookin' at me across the dance floor,
Girl, I know you want some more,
So I do implore you to come explore a few dance moves
'Cause I wanna show you wanna see how you

Go with it, wanna roll with it,
Wanna dance up on your body and flow with it
Want you to twist around me
'Cause I can't get enough of your heady stuff!

When the band starts playin'
And your head starts movin',
And your body starts swayin'
And you get to groovin'
I know you gonna lose control,
Before you know it your soul is out of your body

Yeah, you're losin' control,
You go with the flow,
You just got to know,
How low you can go,
Lookin' at you as you start to move,
Everybody better make some room on the dance floor!

Better get up, bam! Zoom! Straight to the moon,
'Cause you're lookin' at me like you know what I wanna do.
Gonna come up to you, gonna twirl you around,
See you get down,

Baby! Get down yeah! Get down yeah! X2
That's what it is!


from Thought Bubble, released October 3, 2015
Lyrics by Subconscious


all rights reserved



Stinky Tofu 臭臭豆腐 Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Wandering through this fermented, ectoplasmic world the stank duo found each other and began seasoning thoughts and sounds until out came the acoustic child named, Stinky Tofu. Henceforth this force continues to spice our metasphere with hypnotic thoughts never before consummated by rational minds. ... more

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